Manchester United fan has got a Manchester City badge tattooed.

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Manchester United football fan Cameron Davis has got a Manchester City badge tattooed. After losing a bet to friend Callum Taylor on the blue side.

Two famous teams from Manchester advance to the FA Cup final this season. The final result was Pep Guardiola’s team winning 2-1, with two friendly fans betting on who would lose to get a tattoo of the other’s club crest.

“We went out one night.” Cameron says. “We haven’t seen each other in a while. So we made an appointment to go out for drinks. We just realized that Manchester United and City will face each other in the FA Cup final bet. That whoever loses has to wear the other’s shirt the other day.” UFABET

“But when we get drunk more and more So it goes on and on. And it became a tattoo on the other’s butt cheek. we agreed hand in hand. It happened in front of many people. So it’s inevitable.”

The pair watched the match at different pubs where Cameron said he knew his fate the moment Ilkay Gundogan scored the fastest goal in FA Cup history, with Cameron taking the famous photo. say 25 minutes

“A lot of people know about betting because I post it in my Instagram story. Everyone I’ve been with in the pub knows it. I hope people forget about it but Callum called me a few hours later and started laughing on the phone.

As Callum said, “Everything was perfect. I was very happy when the whistle was over. But I was relieved too. I sit and laugh all day at work. I’m glad I won But I respect him 100 per cent that he got through it.