Edin Tercic wants to focus on Chelsea game, not worried about Jude’s future.

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Borussia Dortmund coach Edin Tercic sees Jude Bellingham’s transfer as a matter of the future. But now it’s an important game away at Chelsea.

Borussia Dortmund Bundesliga club Chelsea are preparing for the crucial second leg of the UEFA Champions League Round of 16 on Tuesday. After a 1-0 win at Signal Iduna Park. During a press conference for the game at Stamford Bridge.

Tercic was asked about Bellingham’s transfer futures. that the meat is fragrant all the time during the trading market. And expect a number of offers to come in this summer  UFABET 

“With all due respect to Jude and his work. We had to answer these kinds of questions since he joined us (in 2020) before he chose to work with us. He had the opportunity to join a Premier League team. There is a lot of interest from top clubs.

“But he chose us. Because he knew this would be the perfect step for him. I think we’ve proven it both ways. He helped us a lot. We as a club have helped him develop his career as well.“

We are really happy. that he is part of our team. He has been one of our leaders since the age of 19 when he entered the England squad. And we know we want a good performance from him [at Chelsea].”

“It will be an issue of his future. But our future now is that we are facing a really tough opponent. So we want him to be in good form.” said Edin Tercic.

For Dortmund, winning 10 games in a row. Including all items Until turning the situation up to score points at the leader of the crowd Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga with a 19-year-old midfielder as an important force.